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What should I do if the chip capacitor is damaged?

2021-05-08 16:09:00

The reason for the damage of the chip capacitor is that the damage of the chip capacitor in the circuit is very common. Ballots can be corrupted for a number of reasons. In general, chip capacitors, bending, overheating, pressure damage, etc. In the case of not sure whether the chip capacitor is damaged or whether the capacitor is damaged, we'd better use an instrument to detect it. Let's look at the solution to the damage of chip capacitors.
Chip capacitor damage is a common thing in the circuit, but what should you do if it is damaged? A customer once asked such a question: the patch capacitor on my pcb board is broken, but I don't know what the capacity is and how much should I replace it with, what should I do?

weidy A: The best solution is to replace them with capacitors of equal capacity. Many SMD capacitors cannot be marked with their capacity due to volume limitations, so they are generally marked on the entire plate during SMD production. If it is a single chip capacitor, use a capacitance tester to measure its capacity. If it is the same factory standard, generally the capacity of dark color is greater than that of light color, brown gray > light purple > gray and white. The best way is of course to blow it down with a heat gun, and then use the capacitance block or capacitance of the digital meter after it cools down.

Chip capacitance measurement method

SMD capacitors are ceramic capacitors, which can only be produced at high temperatures, so there is no marked value. Capacitors that do not work are generally divided into three situations, leakage, breakdown, and no capacitor. Usually use a multimeter to detect the resistance and adjust it to 10K-20K as the measurement standard, especially for chip capacitors. Place the tip of the multimeter on either side of the chip capacitor. If the value of the chip capacitor rises linearly, it proves that the chip capacitor is not faulty. If the value of the chip capacitor is zero, it proves that the chip capacitor has no capacity or is broken down, and the chip capacitor is damaged.
After confirming that the chip capacitor is damaged, the most direct way is to replace the chip capacitor with the same container. What should I do if the chip capacitor is damaged? The reason for the damage of chip capacitors is here.

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