Behind each product is a set of processes that have been
fine tuned and thoroughly refined

Material selection

Processing and material selection plans for product reconfiguration


Product design and structural design, and customer solution design reconstruction

Hot pressing

Flattening and nesting to shape the product


105-120° high-temperature heat treatment

Metal spraying

Uniform spraying, auxiliary connection


Metal spray sealing, curing, and exterior encapsulation

Burr treatment

Uniform burr treatment


Product aging


Special soldering, ensuring chip central placement and preventing offset


Clear laser printing of model numbers, parameters and logos

6T Technology · Reshaping Product Baselines

  • 6T Technology · Reshaping Product Baselines

    Additional grooves or protrusions at ceramic edges to extend the discharge path and effectively make the edge electric field uniform.
  • Anti-offset soldering process

    The soldering is specially designed to ensure the central placement of the chip and prevent offset.
  • High-pressure plastic sealing process

    Compared with the ordinary hot melt encapsulation, this product adopts high-pressure plastic sealing, making it more dense.
  • Synchronized visual inspection process

    Marking, printing, and CCD visual inspection synchronization.
  • Full-inspection voltage-resistance testing process

    One-to-one testing of instruments and products to ensure the testing validity.
  • Packaging process

    Products are automatically tested and packed to replace manual operations.
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